1. Introduction

The Statistics Program is designed to give students career opportunities in statistics or related fields. Statistics provides students with basic knowledge of classical and modern statistics, and equips students with some skills in professional statistical software such as R, SPSS, ….

2. Output standards

Graduated in Statistics, students gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • Computer skills: well-applied informatics to work; using specialized designing software (R, SPSS, ...).
  • Foreign language skills: TOEIC 500 or IELTS 5.0 (or equivalent international English certificate).
  • Professional knowledge and skills: skills in data collection and establishing statistical models to predict results, computational and programming skills using specialized statistical software such as R, SPSS,...

3. Career prospects

After graduation students in Statistics can take up the position of statistical specialist in the following facilities:

  • Financial companies: stock companies, investment funds, credit institutions, banks, insurance companies;
  • Companies that handle large data: market research companies, maritime and aviation companies;
  • Statistical institutes: statistics offices, research institutes (medicine, mathematics, mechanics, ...);
  • Planning, finance, and market research departments in business organizations or planning, product designing, production moderating departments in production companies.
  • In addition, bachelors in Statistics can also participate in doing research and teaching statistics at research institutes or universities.
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