1. Introduction

The Applied Mathematics program is designed to give students career opportunities in the field of mathematics or careers that require mathematical thinking. It provides students with basic and modern knowledge in mathematics and computer science, focusing on equipping students with mathematical modeling skills and practical problem solving methods.

2. Output standards

Graduated in Applied Mathematics, students gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • Computer skills: well-applied informatics to work; using mathematical software such as Matlab, Maple, R, ... in learning mathematics and solving real problems.
  • Foreign language skills: TOEIC 500 or IELTS 5.0 (or equivalent international English certificate).
  • Soft skills: teamwork, organizing, problem solving and decision making, communication, presentation skills.
  • Professional knowledge and skills: having skills in mathematical modeling for practical mathematical problems, computational skills, and computer programming skills for solving numerical problems and explaining results.

3. Career prospects

Upon successful completion of the Applied Mathematics program, students may undertake the following positions:

  • Teach mathematics in colleges.
  • Participate in building algorithms for application software.
  • Use mathematical models to analyze data for evaluation and forecasting; analyze and assess statistical data as well as supply and demand of the market;...
  • Work in quantitative finance, analyze and estimate insurance premiums, analyze data for economic sectors, stock companies, investment funds, credit institutions, banks.
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