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1. Introduction

Applied Analysis Research Group (AARG) was established in 2015 by Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) with the objective of applying analytical and computational mathematics to solve real-world problems. AARG studies mathematical problems arising from physical, chemical, geophysical, biophysical, and materials sciences. These problems often are described by time-dependent partial, ordinary, or integral differential equations, together with sophisticated boundary conditions, interface conditions, and external forcing. Its results will be published in prestigious international journals.

2. Mission and vision

- Enhance international publications of TDTU in prestigious journals indexed by ISI Web of Knowledge.

- Connection and collaboration between domestic and foreign researchers.

- Besides, this group is a part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics of TDTU, which is to develop scientific research in terms of paper quality, training and researcher quantity.

3. Research topics

- Partial Differential Equations

- Stochastic differential equations

- Mathematical Analysis for PDEs

- Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering (Bio-imaging, Electrolocation, Echolocation, Scattering)

- Numerical methods for Science and Engineering

- Medical Image Processing (Image segmentation, denoising, contour detection, texture identification)

- Numerical Analysis

- Fractional Calculus

- Variational Analysis

- Functional Analysis

- Optimization

4. Members